The Benefits Of A Hospital Pillow Speaker

Many hospitals have turned toward the use of hospital pillow speakers. The name itself is a bit deceptive. This product is not a pillow that has a speaker in it. It is actually a small, handheld remote that features many buttons on it that are useful for a patient in the hospital, as well as a speaker. If you are just now hearing about this product, you may wonder why a hospital would use these and how they may be beneficial. Here are a few of the benefits of hospital pillow speakers:

They Put Everything in One Convenient Location

The biggest benefit to a hospital pillow speaker is that it helps to put everything that a patient will need right at their fingertips and in one location. Traditionally, hospital beds had buttons on them that helped to raise and lower the bed. There was also a nurse call button on the bed. Then the patient had a corded phone in the room with which they could call their family members or their family could call them. And lastly, they had a remote for the television. The hospital pillow speakers put all of these functions into one handheld device that is slightly bigger than a regular sized remote control. This makes it easy for a patient to get what they need without trying to locate various items or buttons. 

They Help a Patient to Hear the Television

Another advantage to the hospital pillow speaker is that it has a speaker on it that is connected to the television. This helps the patient watch television and hear what is being said. It can be hard to hear in a hospital with people moving about, nurses talking outside the doorway, and alarms sounding in other rooms. When the speaker is right at the patients' head, they have the ability to hear clearly. In many cases, watching television helps to relieve stress in patients, so this is a huge plus. 

They Help Control Noise Levels in the Hospital

The last benefit to a hospital pillow speaker is that they help to control noise levels in the hospitals. It is not uncommon for two to three patients to have to share a room in a hospital. When one patient is trying to sleep or nap, another may be restless and trying to watch television. Noise is a huge concern, as it may prevent the other patient from being able to sleep and getting the rest they need to heal. This device helps to control sound, as the sound is being emitted from the hospital pillow speaker, not the speaker on the television. 

A hospital pillow speaker is a convenient electronic item. It lets a patient call a nurse, change the channel on their television, listen to the TV, or raise or lower their bed. This is why many hospitals are opting out of multiple devices, such as buttons on a hospital bed, a separate telephone and a separate remote, in favor or a hospital pillow speaker.