How To Get Your Workers To Know Each Other Better

Are you the owner of a corporation? Perhaps you are a manager at a store or at another place of business. Either way, you may have the goal of getting your workers to get to know each other better. If so, from planning small functions to planning a large corporate team building experience, here are some ideas that might help.

Planning Small Functions - Small events that are easy to plan are a good beginning to getting your workers to know each other better.

  • Consider having a meeting about once a week where everybody gathers for a short while. At these meetings your workers will be asked to tell one thing about themselves. It could be telling about their favorite pastime while out of the office, a dream they have or even something about their families.
  • Another idea is to have a large bulletin board where workers can post snapshots of themselves and their families. Offer an incentive for those who participate. 
  • Start a newsletter where you tell facts, including amusing anecdotes, that you have gathered from your workers. You might even consider asking somebody to be in charge of creating the newsletter about once a month.
  • Another idea is to make out questionnaires that your workers have to ask each other until they have talked to all of the workers.

Planning A Large Event - Have you ever been part of getting through an escape room? Having an escape room event would be a great way to get your workers to know each other well.

  • Think about hiring professionals to set an escape situation right at your place of business. They'll come in after hours to create things like mazes and other fun problem-solving games.
  • There might even be a service that offers escape rooms at their place of business. Be sure to tell the company how many workers will be attending the team building event.
  • If you feel more comfortable having smaller escape situations, think of creating things like mysterious board games and other problem solving games that the workers have to work on together to figure out their escape.
  • You may already know who your sharpest workers are. Think about mixing them with others who may need to have added support. Be sure that your teams members are comfortable in an escape room situation, too.

Don't forget to get feed back of all the events, small or large, that you have. For more information, contact a service like Bates Motel Escape Rooms.