Just Dance: Must Play Songs At Your Wedding Reception

Wedding receptions are a time to celebrate your new coming together. After for the formal nuptials, you will look forward to relaxing with your family and friends as you celebrate the new start to your life. Your wedding DJ will be the person who will best pump up the crowd and get everyone out on the dance floor. If you want to always fondly remember your wedding ceremony, there are a few songs that you should play for sure. Here are a few songs that you should play during your reception:

Your song

Most couples have a song that they refer to as "their song". It may be the song that was playing in the background when they first met or a song that they listen to when they first realized they were in love. No matter why you consider the song your personal favorite as a couple, this is the first song that should be played to dance at your wedding. Your most memorable couple song playing will set the romantic mood for the rest of the night. 

Your parent's wedding songs or favorite songs

After your first dance song, the next songs that you should consider playing are the songs that were featured at your parent's wedding. If you and your new spouse can both play your parent's wedding song, it will get your parents up on the dance floor. It is also the perfect time to have a parent/child dance and reminisce on their old wedding. If one or both of your parents were not married, you can play their favorite songs instead of wedding songs. This will get them in the mood to dance. 

A song for your friends

Every friend group that has shared good times together knows that music often plays a major role in fun nights out. Even if you and your group of friends spent most of your time riding in the car or inside someone's room, there were likely songs that you enjoyed together. Pick the favorite song of you and your best friends to play at your ceremony. This will inspire everyone to get on the dance floor and will allow you to enjoy a little group time with your favorite people. You and your spouse can both play a song dedicated to your friends in order to encourage them to get up and dance for the rest of the reception.