Understanding And Accepting The Need For Creative Space: Solutions

Creative and artistic people need space to create. As an artist, a musician, a writer, a composer, a poet, etc., you need a quiet space in which to create. If you do not have that, you may feel stressed out and unfocused when it comes to what you want and need to do. The following solutions will help you find your own quiet space so you can freely create in the most distraction-free environment possible.

Studio Space Rentals

Rent a studio space. For musicians and artists, there are always studio spaces available in recording studios, galleries, and artists' co-ops. If there is not an opening available in these areas, there may be a studio space rental company that has several open spaces that you can rent. 

Rent an Office Space

A lot of times, creative types can rent office space. If you do not mind a cramped cubicle space of ten or twelve feet square, then you can rent an office space rather cheaply. There is just one caveat for painters and sculptors: cover the floor and walls with a tarp to avoid getting your materials splattered or spilled on the carpet and walls. 

Rent-to-Own a Large Shed

Another option is renting-to-own a large outdoor shed. These interior spaces are massive, you never have to worry about what you get on the floors or walls, and the sellers deliver fully constructed sheds right to a designated spot on your property. You can leave the house and not be distracted by unfinished tasks, kids, spouse, or pets because you are not in the house. You are in your own, nice, quiet creativity shed. Leave the shed plain, or decorate it to inspire you.

Turn an Extra Bedroom into a "Creative Space"

When there is no possible way to acquire or do any of the above, transform an extra bedroom in your house into a "creative space". Remove every reminder that there is anything else to be done outside this room. Soundproof it for quiet and/or to prevent your music from bothering others. Put several locks on the door so that when you are inside the room nobody can bother you. Make sure you have locks on the outside of the door as well so that nobody can invade your creative space when you are not using the room. Only keep in that room what is essential to your craft, and what you consider helpful to your creative processes.