Three Things That You'll Like About Bumper Boats

If you're taking a trip to a local amusement park, taking stock of the attractions early in your visit will increase the likelihood that you get to experience everything that catches your attention. A lot of people have tried bumper cars at amusement parks and fairs, but if you have an opportunity to experience bumper boats, this is a chance that you don't want to miss. Bumper boats can be fun for people of all ages, and two-person boats allow you to ride with one of your children if he or she isn't old enough to partake in this ride alone. Here are three things that you'll enjoy about bumper boats.

The Impact Is Less Jarring

A lot of people enjoy crashing their bumper cars into one another as fast as they can, but if you're older, such an impact may not be as desirable. Fortunately, bumper boats can still provide a lot of fun but won't generate as much of an impact. Instead of having a plastic or rubber bumper, they have an inflatable, inner tube–like bumper around them. This means that when you bang into another participant, the impact is less jarring than it usually is when you're controlling a bumper car.

They're Equipped With Water Guns

You'll often find that bumper boats are equipped with water guns that draw water out of the pool in which you're playing. This can be fun because there's a dual purpose — instead of your chief goal being to bang into the other participants, you also get to squirt them with your gun. If you're operating a bumper boat with a partner, one person can control the boat and the other can control the water gun. This results in a cooperative effort that will yield many laughs.

It's A Perfect Way To Cool Down

Visiting an amusement park on a hot and sunny day can be fun, but you'll generally want to look for attractions that will help to cool you down. Bumper boats are one such attraction, and you'll be soaked — and feeling very refreshed — by the time that your game comes to a close. It's impossible to finish a round of bumper boats without ending up soaked. Between other players shooting you and the splashing that occurs when boats bang into one another, you'll feel cool and refreshed — and ready to continue exploring the amusement park for the rest of the day.