Planning Team Building Activities? 3 Tips To Make It Fun For Everyone

If your team needs a break and you have a message that you want to send, a corporate activity might be the right path to take. By throwing a party or having an outing, you can incorporate team building activities into the day in a fun, natural way, without making the process complicated or difficult. However, careful planning is still essential, since there may be members of your team who aren't capable of doing things others can do. Here are three tips to make team building activities fun for everyone.

Diversify the Day

While that trust fall might seem like a fun way to break the ice with other people, it may be difficult for some members of your team to participate. For instance, if you have coworkers who are larger than others or team members who have illnesses that prevent full mobility, it could make the event scary and anxiety-ridden, instead of fun and enjoyable.

To make everyone more comfortable, try to diversify the day by planning lots of different events. Focus on having equal amounts of active and non-active time, and make sure everyone stays well-fed and hydrated.

Take Input from Team Members

Before you plan a corporate retreat, take a minute to find out what your team would like to do on their day off. Figure out what kinds of activities people enjoy and try to incorporate those ideas into your plan. For instance, if you find out that several members of your crew like hiking, a hike would be an excellent way to start a day of fun.

If you think that people might feel singled out by making an unpopular suggestion, think about creating an anonymous survey to try to figure out what people like and don't like about corporate events. When people feel heard, they may have more fun.

Choose Natural Groups

Instead of randomly assigning team members to participate in team-building activities together, consider letting them pair off on their own to make people more comfortable, and then later mixing things up. For instance, at the beginning of the day, ask people to get into loose groups of 5 or 6, so they have a chance to be with their friends. Later in the day, rotate teams so people can get to know one another better.

If you need assistance coming up with fun ideas for your next team event, you can always talk with a professional to see if they offer team building activity packages. Many motivational speakers and event venues offer these kinds of packages, helping businesses to create memorable events for their team members.