Pros And Cons Of Adding A Brick Wall To Your Home Theater Room

Choosing the surroundings for a home theater room can be a fun process, especially if you have a vast budget and a creative mind. One topic to consider is the walls. While there's nothing wrong with standard walls in this space, you may want to refinish one of the walls in a different material — brick veneer, for example. Doing so presents an additional expense, but one that you might not mind making if you favor this look. Before getting started, here are some pros and cons of adding a brick wall to your home theater room:

Pro: Adds Visual Appeal

When you have friends over to watch a movie or a sporting event in your home theater, one of the first things that they'll likely notice is the brick wall. There's little doubt that this wall will stand out from those around it, resulting in a considerable amount of visual appeal in the space. This is especially true if you mount your TV on the brick wall so that this wall is always in sight.

Con: May Add Echoes

People who build home theaters often make efforts to reduce the presence of echoes in this space. When you're watching something, you don't want the sound of the speakers to reverberate in the room, as this could hinder the experience. Softer elements — carpet, drapes, and more — can help to reduce echoes. Harder surfaces, including your brick wall, may add more echoes to the room.

Pro: Can Provide A Theater-Like Feel

If you have plans to decorate your home theater to give it a classic look, a brick wall can be a perfect addition. You might be picturing historic theaters and wishing to recreate some of their visual elements — for example, red velvet curtains, wall sconce lighting, and more. These buildings were often made of brick, including exposed brick inside of them, so your brick veneer wall will do a good job of paying homage to this era.

Con: Presents Installation Challenges

It's common to hang your TV on the wall and also mount speakers on the wall when you're setting up your home theater room. Doing so presents some challenges when you're merely drilling through drywall, but this can be more difficult when you need to work with brick veneer. For example, you'll need special drill bits and other tools to drill holes in this harder material. By evaluating these points, you can decide whether or not a brick wall will be a good addition to your home theater room.

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