Enjoy A Racy Thriller While Soaking In Your Hot Tub

A steamy relationship, a vindictive person who is associated with one of the main characters, and a crime that is not revealed initially are all intriguing parts of an adult romantic thriller that you may wish to read. If you enjoy soaking in your hot tub and would like to get your hands on a copy of a book that has been piquing your interest, contemplate some ways that you can enjoy an adult romantic thriller novel during your soaking sessions.

Your Wine Float May Become The Perfect Accompaniment

Do you often indulge in glasses of wine while sitting back in your hot tub? If so, you probably own some type of flotation device that supports your wine glass. A waterproof tray or table can also be used to support your book. If you will be thumbing through pages, you will probably get the pages damp, but you can place the book itself inside of a protective cover, which not only keeps the cover dry but will also keep the pages protected from moisture.

Just remember that if you use this method, you will likely only be focusing on a couple pages during each soaking session since you won't want to be removing the cover in order to turn the page. Maybe you could wait until you get to a really interesting plot section in the book before deciding to get into the hot tub to read. An example of this would be a complex part of the storyline that will require you to focus on the material or reread specific passages to determine what occurred.

A Portable Reader With A Cover Is Another Option

If you don't want to risk bringing a paper copy into the hot tub but would still like to own a popular thriller, an e-reader may be your perfect companion. An e-reader that has a cover secured to it can get wet and won't damage the device. Place the reader on top of the flotation device or purchase a caddy that is designed to support books and handheld devices.

Perhaps you can integrate the audio version with your reading session. As long as you have speakers or headphones within reach, it can be quite relaxing to listen to someone else tell the story as you follow along with your own personal copy. After each soaking and reading session, the story will be fresh on your mind, and mulling over the possibilities that the story presented may help you drift off to sleep.