Rent A Bounce House And A Water Slide For Your Summer Day Camp

A bounce house and an inflatable water slide can be used in tandem to allow a large group of children the opportunity to expend pent up energy and have a blast. If your daycare center is promoting a summer camp for the school-aged children who attend the facility, plan on how you will utilize the space you have to set up the inflatables and choose how you will orchestrate the event.

Plan The Entertainment Area

If the summer camp is being held on the daycare premises, you need to decide where to set up the equipment, so that it won't be in the way of any permanent fixtures or sharp objects. Choose a grassy surface and take measurements of the plot. You can use the dimensions as a guide and provide this information when seeking rental equipment.

Tell a rental company associate the amount of children who will be attending the day camp and the age range of the children, so that you receive equipment suggestions that will be large enough and that will provide interest to the participants. Since you will be using two different types of equipment and the children will need to change into their swimsuits before using the water slide, decide how you would like to handle clothing changes.

The children can be directed to wear their swimsuits under their clothing and to bring along a towel and a change of clothing, so that they can dry off and put on fresh clothes, prior to entering the bounce house. Plan on erecting a canopy near the inflatables. The canopy can be used as an area for the children to wait their turn to use the equipment or you can set up some chairs and tables underneath the canopy and use the seating area for serving lunch or refreshments to the children.

Pick The Rental Days And Be Present During The Setup

If the summer camp will be held for a week or longer, consider renting the equipment for multiple days. Either reserve the bounce house and the slide for days that run consecutively or rent the equipment during the beginning of the camp session and closer to the end of the session.

Make plans to have the equipment delivered on the day before camp is to begin. Be present during the delivery and setup process. You will be briefed on how the equipment operates and told about any regulations that must be followed, to ensure that the children remain safe while using the bounce house or the slide and to prevent damage to either rental. Learn more from a company like Cool Cat Sites today.