Use These Tips To Get Into A Music Festival Quickly

One of the fun things about attending an outdoor music festival is running to secure a spot in front of the stage as soon as you're allowed in. Many outdoor venues have general admission tickets, which means that spots are guaranteed, but the key to getting a good spot for the show depends, in part, on your ability to get into the venue in a timely manner. Here are some tips that you can use to speed up this process.

Get There Early

You can never arrive at an outdoor music festival too early. For example, if the music starts at 5 p.m. and the gates open at 4 p.m., you might wish to get there well before the gates are scheduled open. Doing so will allow you to be close to the gates when fans are allowed to enter. If you arrive later, you'll find yourself in a long line of enthusiastic fans. By the time you enter the venue, many of these fans will have flocked to the prime spots in front of the stage before you can get there.

Research What Items Are Allowed

In advance of the music festival, visits its website to read about what items you can carry with you and what items are prohibited. Security guards will always check people before they enter, and carrying something that is prohibited will slow down your progress. For example, some outdoor venues only allow certain types of cameras. If your camera is too large, you might not be able to enter. In such a scenario, you'd likely need to return to your vehicle to safely place the item there — thus eliminating your chance of securing a spot near the stage.

Skip The Backpack

Carrying a backpack for an outdoor music festival makes a lot of sense. You can carry a blanket, a wide range of personal supplies, and even the souvenirs that you might buy throughout your visit. The drawback to wearing a backpack is that it can delay your entry into the venue. In the name of safety, guards at the gates will methodically go through each pocket of your backpack. This can mean that as guards are searching your backpack, other spectators are entering the venue. If you're determined to get into the venue quickly to get a spot near the stage, you might wish to leave your backpack at home and pack lightly — for example, wear cargo shorts that you can use to carry essential supplies.

To learn more, contact a resource that hosts music festivals.