4 Classic Plays Worth Using Flying Effects For

Bringing a story to life on stage requires a lot of elements like sound production and set design. When you produce plays with special effects, the elements of a scene can be taken to new levels. Performer flying effects allows actors to safely rise up in the air and will create a lot of memorable moments for a production. Learn about four classic stories where you utilize flying effects and get a lot out of the production.

1. Peter Pan

The magic of flying is not just a cool effect in Peter Pan, it becomes a key part of the story. With flying effects, you can keep Peter Pan in flight mode for a majority of the play and also connect other characters to harnesses to fly in the air. 

For example, the scene where Peter takes Wendy and her siblings to Neverland is an ideal way to have multiple characters up in the air at the same time. If your play includes the heavy involvement of Tinkerbell, then you can have the character flying in the background for a lot of the scenes. The flight will give a sense of wonder about Neverland and help make the play feel more authentic.

2. The Wizard of Oz

Add some fun to the Flying Monkeys of Wizard of Oz with flying effects. The monkeys are one of the key antagonists in the play and you can chorography an exciting chase scene that also involves flying. Advanced flying stunts could even cause monkeys to fly near the first couple rows of the audience.

3. The Little Mermaid

Other than Scuttle, there are not a lot of flying characters in The Little Mermaid, but you can still use flying effects. The effects can help make it seem like characters are swimming through the water. For example, you may use flying effects to make Ursula float through the water. Her tentacles will hang down as the character floats across the stage. You may also use flying effects to make main characters like Ariel or King Triton swim through the water.

4. A Christmas Carol

Make the ghosts in A Christmas Carol appear more realistic and frightening with flying effects. As Jacob Marley comes on the stage, his large chains can dangle down while the body floats above the stage. With only one ghost flying on the stage at the same time, it's easy to coordinate the flying stunts and add a little life to the holiday classic.

Plan ahead of time to ensure your stage and performers can perform the flying stunts and create a memorable show. Reach out to a professional for help with the flying effects