Home Automations Ideal For Latchkey Children

As a child gets older, their independence and responsibility may lead to some alone time after-school. Also known as a latchkey child, a teen in this situation will come home after school and have a few hours alone until a parent arrives home. Thankfully, children won't feel or seem as alone due to home automation technology.

Learn about various home automation equipment to help a teen through those key hours and provide a safe space you can check in on.

Motion-Activated Cameras

As a working parent, one of the natural worries about a latchkey child is ensuring they arrived home safely. With automated motion-activated cameras, you can see exactly when your child arrives home. You will receive an alert and can ensure they get off the bus or have driven home.

The cameras provide a quick access point without the need to constantly text or call your child to ensure they made it home safely each day.

Lock Controls

Teens can easily forget to do tasks, but you can provide back-up options with smart lock controls. Through a home automation app, you can set automatic lock controls. You can lock the house after a child has arrived home, so you do not need to worry about unwanted guests knocking on the door.

With a digital video doorbell, you can answer any knocks so the child doesn't need to open the door for anyone who has shown up.

Temperature Controls

Keep tabs on the temperatures in the house with home automation technology. You do not need to worry about a child constantly setting temperature when you have an automation schedule set up. Through the schedule, you can ensure the heating or air condition turns on when the child has arrived home from school.

Media Controls

Through home automation, you can control smart outlets or specific media devices. With the extra control, you can ensure a child focuses on their homework or chores before moving on to fun activities. You can have a set time when the access becomes available or leave it locked until you arrive home from work.

Smart Home Reminders

Smart home speakers offer a lot of home automation options, along with the ability to set custom reminders. Each day, the smart home device can list off a series of reminders for the teen when they arrive home. The messages may include chores to do or other tasks around the house. You can even set snack recommendations if you want.

Once you purchase home automation software, you can work with your child to implement the changes and help make your home run smoothly.