3 Horror Movies With Unique Soundtracks

Horror movie soundtracks are one of the more essential parts of the movie as they often drive the scares and intense moments. Some movies take the opportunity to capitalize on the theme and setting and deliver soundtracks that stand out. As you build your horror vinyl collection, check out soundtracks that diverge from traditional horror music.

Learn about ways the soundtracks create the effects and stand out.

1. IT

Stephen King's evil clown story brings a lot of chills. Several tracks on the soundtrack stand out for the way they infuse carnival noises into the songs. You can hear the bells, dings, and familiar carnival sounds that capture the innocence of fun games with the terrifying nature of Pennywise.

Each track builds on the intensity and showcases how Pennywise can lure the children in before delivering his brutal attacks. A lot of the same tracks and sound effects are used in the IT: Chapter 2 soundtrack. Sometimes, you may find a two-pack of vinyl records with both movie soundtracks packaged into one.

2. Silent Night, Deadly Night

Mixing the holidays with horror was unique when the original Silent Night, Deadly Night came out, and the soundtrack had a lot to play with. Instead of traditional horror scores, the movie mixes holiday themes and sounds with horror. As you listen to tracks, you may notice sounds of bells and chimes that are similar to holiday music.

The tracks are filled with a lot of dark undertones and create an ideal vinyl record to play during the autumn and winter months. Many of the tracks also feature traditional piano tunes with similar tones and rhythms as popular Christmas songs.

3. The Wicker Man

When heard on its own, a casual listener may think the Wicker Man soundtrack is a children's album. The songs are upbeat folky tracks with a lot of innocent lyrics. Multiple singers come together to sing on the tracks. The more you listen, the more you will hear the creepy undertones that are present in the movie.

The creepiness builds up and you can often hear the strain behind the voices of singers. Watch the movie first, and then you will listen to the soundtrack in a whole different way. The lyrics have multiple interpretations and can relate directly to the zany plot.

Shop around for horror movie soundtracks to help build your collection and enjoy a variety of unique sounds.