Choices To Make When You Buy Inline Skates

Inline skating can not only be a good activity to pursue for numerous fitness benefits, but it can also be a fun way to spend time with active-minded friends. If you're interested in getting into this outdoor sport, you'll need a pair of inline skates. There are lots of options available at sporting goods stores in your area and online, so you won't have trouble finding a pair that fit within your budget. There are several choices that you'll need to make as you browse the available options, including the following.

Boot Height

One thing that you'll notice when you look at different pairs of inline skates for sale is that the height of the boots can vary considerably. Lots of inline skate boots are tall, extending up your shins. Others are shorter, ending around the ankle. There are multiple advantages to each style. If you want more ankle support, which can especially be desirable if you've had an ankle injury in the past, taller boots will be a better choice. For someone who wants lightweight inline skates that fit more like running shoes, shorter boots will be the right option.

Buckles or Laces

You'll need to choose how you want to secure your inline skates before you get moving. A lot of skates have buckles that you snap into position to tighten the boot on your foot, but you'll also see some inline skates that have long laces. The boot of the latter type shares some visual similarities with the boots of ice skates. A lot of people favor buckles because of the speed at which they can get their skates on and off. Closing or opening the buckles will generally only take a few seconds per boot. If you're an experienced ice skater who is used to using laces, this style may be a more preferable option for you.

Wheel Size

The size of the wheels on different pairs of inline skates can vary. You'll see some skates that have large wheels and others that have smaller wheels. The larger the wheels on a skate, the fewer there will be. If you expect that you'll be a confident, skilled inline skater before long, larger wheels will generally allow you to travel faster. For someone who is a little tentative but eager to try this activity, smaller wheels that keep you closer to the ground may help you feel more balanced.

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