A Private Boat Charter — Many Opportunities To Be Entertained

A private charter cruise that will encompass a few days will provide a wide range of activities that you and your family can bond over. Consider the following ways to stay entertained. These and others may be available while aboard the charter boat that you reserve.


Striking golf balls into the vast openness of the ocean can bring your love of golf to the next level. Golfing while aboard a boat involves the use of an artificial putting green, golf clubs, and eco-friendly golf balls.

Many charter outfitters supply balls that are made of fish food. These balls are designed to be struck in the same manner that a standard golf ball would be struck. You and your loved ones can compete, seeing who is able to make their ball go the furthest distance.


Before you book a charter trip, compare various barbecue amenities that are offered. Many charter boat outfitters feature onboard barbecue dinners.

A charter boat may feature a built-in grill that can be used by guests. The grill may be located on the deck, which will allow guests to prepare a meal to order, plus enjoy the sunset or the beautiful ocean view.

A charter boat outfitter may also offer fully-prepared meals that the boat staff serves. If you book a trip on a boat that provides full-service dining options, you and your family can enjoy the ambiance while the staff prepares a barbecue meal in front of you.


Private charters often feature some type of musical entertainment. There may be a place set up onboard where guests can participate in karaoke sessions, dance, or listen to live singers. Charter trips may feature themed musical activities that will focus on a specific genre.

Before you book your charter adventure, consider the musical qualities that will keep you and your family entertained. If you have young kids or teens, you may want to pursue a trip that will provide your loved ones with a range of hands-on activities that feature music.

If you and your family members are looking for a more relaxing trip to enjoy, you may want to select a charter trip that will feature some musical entertainment that can be watched and listened to while onboard. A large charter boat may feature a stage, a modern sound system, and other audio-visual equipment that will make a musical performance stand out. 

For more info about private boat charters, contact a local company.