Home Automations Ideal For Latchkey Children

As a child gets older, their independence and responsibility may lead to some alone time after-school. Also known as a latchkey child, a teen in this situation will come home after school and have a few hours alone until a parent arrives home. Thankfully, children won't feel or seem as alone due to home automation technology. Learn about various home automation equipment to help a teen through those key hours and provide a safe space you can check in on.

4 Classic Plays Worth Using Flying Effects For

Bringing a story to life on stage requires a lot of elements like sound production and set design. When you produce plays with special effects, the elements of a scene can be taken to new levels. Performer flying effects allows actors to safely rise up in the air and will create a lot of memorable moments for a production. Learn about four classic stories where you utilize flying effects and get a lot out of the production.